21 - 21 October 2014
First Transnational Learning Network meeting in Timisoara

Timisoara-electricityIn “the first town of Europe with streets illuminated by electric light”, about 15 energy advisors involved in STEEEP met to discuss project progress and plans for future activities to unleash the energy efficiency potential of European Small and Medium-sized enterprises.

Hosted by the Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and lectured by Mrs Aida Szilagyi, Senior Consultant at Denkstatt, participants improved their knowledge on the Clean Production – Energy Efficiency methodology and on the basics of energy efficiency for different energy systems.

energy advisor group exercise

Together with Prof. Neil Brown, De Montfort University, CCIs advisors discussed the first results of STEEEP initial questionnaire submitted by involved companies, which will constitute the dataset of the project’s benchmark. Participants stressed the importance of focusing on the business’ organizational management - one of the existing barriers towards the implementation of energy efficiency measures - and the need to establish solid relationship with entrepreneurs. Often the knowledge is already within the companies and the CCIs advisors should act as a link between the technical and operational staff.

Moderated by Mrs Szilagyi, Chambers advisors discussed extensively in groups on how to go beyond the low hanging fruits to changing the overall consumption in energy systems.  The discussion focused on how to communicate effectively with the management, on the support material needed to change businesses’ attitude towards energy efficiency and on how to successfully manage the transition to renewable energy.

energy advisors lectureThe first Transnational Learning Network meeting in Timisoara has been an occasion for advisors to know more about Eval’STEEEP, a tool developed by Mr Arnaud Guihard, CCI Maine et Loire, meant for SMEs to easily track their monthly energy consumption in different areas according to energy type. Eval’STEEEP helps companies to estimate savings achieved and evaluate their results according to energy performance indicators.