05 - 05 May 2015
Second Transnational Learning Network Meeting in Zadar

After Timisoara, another city linked to energy has been the framework of the STEEEP Transnational Learning Network meeting. Zadar (Croatia) hosts the “sun salutation” or “monument to the sun”, an installation which uses the energy produced by its photovoltaic cells to perform lighting spectacles.

In this framework aligned with STEEEP priorities, 20 Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) advisors hosted by Zadar County Chamber met in Croatia to report their work in supporting SMEs implementing energy efficiency measures. This second meeting focused in exchanging information on the design and effective implementation of energy management plans in cooperation with the supported companies.

800px Zadar Lichtspiel Monument


CCI Croatia presented the MIEE programme (Industrial Energy Efficiency Network), an instrument to be launched in the country that could possibly be linked to STEEEP. At the meeting a representative of the Croatian SME Marex Gel d.o.o., currently taking part in STEEEP action, explained the company’s involvement with the implementation of energy efficiency actions.

Advisors had also the opportunity to learn from the energy efficiency projects realized by the municipality of Zadar and the Zadar technical school. Furthermore, they explored how to guide a company in replacing fossil fuel heating system with renewable energy thanks to the input of the ESCO company, Lika Energo Eko d.o.o.

Chambers advisors discussed the challenges SMEs are facing in the field of energy management and shared their experience and best practices in collecting energy use data, in delivering effective workshops and ensuring the involvement of SMEs in the project. As a conclusion of the event, advisors agreed that for successfully supporting companies in the implementation of energy efficiency actions, the STEEEP project shall become a company’s project.