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From the essence of a perfume to the essence of energy efficiency

16 Mixer Pack
11 % savings

" The project’s technical workshops provided a valuable chance to improve our sustainability and energy efficiency and we just had to seize this opportunity. "


Factory Manager

Mixer&Pack has been developing and manufacturing perfumery and cosmetic products, especially for third parties, since 1994. After consolidating its market position, the company’s goals have focused on optimisation, innovation and efficiency. Energy efficiency gained greater significance for the business in September 2014, when Mixer&Pack decided to participate in the STEEEP project working with Cámara Madrid.

STEEEP has been a great source of ideas to improve the company’s energy efficiency by following four steps: gathering all the information related to the factory, checking data through a complete site visit, drawing conclusions in an energy report, and implementing the measures. Examples of the measures implemented are:

  • LED lighting technology - implemented progressively over recent years. Outdoor lighting energy consumption will be reduced by 1,4%,
  • Switching off facilities and equipment when not in use. This gave a 2,2% reduction in energy. This was archived by producing a good practice manual with the technical characteristics of the equipment and switch off guidelines for all staff,
  • Installing a frequency controlled compressor (this change will be implemented in December 2017 leading to a further estimated 4,8% reduction in energy use),
  • In line with RITE legislation on thermal installations of buildings, installation of a controlling system to more accurately control temperatures in office areas and explanatory brochures for workers. This will reduce energy consumption by 0,5%,
  • Raising awareness among staff to switch off the standby mode of computers, printers and other devices after work.
  • Information and face to face talks helped staff to reduce energy consumption by up to 1,7%.

In conclusion, thanks to the STEEEP project, in 2018 Mixer&Pack SL will have an energy saving potential of 148.100 kWh per year. This will result in financial savings and help reinforce the view that energy efficiency is a global issue in which all the workers should be involved.

Supported by Cámara Madrid.

Contact details

  • Company: MIXER & PACK
  • Sector: Cosmetics & Perfumery development and manufacturing
  • Country: SPAIN
  • Website: www.mixerpack.es