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Guidance and support to implement an energy monitoring system

17 neige et roc
14 % savings

"We are convinced that our diverse energy efficient actions are valuable for the hotel and increase our customers’ satisfaction. STEEEP allowed us to better understand our current energy situation. This included a detailed analysis of our electricity bills, monitoring of energy indicators and researching alternative energy plans, requiring time and expertise that we didn’t necessarily have. "


Managing Director

Neige et Roc Hotel in Samöens in the Alps has always been concerned about the environment, being built from natural materials like wood and stone. The hotel hosts 48 rooms across two buildings. It has two heated pools, one outside open in summer and one indoor open in summer and winter, with spa treatments. It also contains a bar and restaurant, jacuzzi spa, hammam, sauna, gym, meeting room and ski room, all facilities which consume energy. 

The STEEEP project has highlighted the many good practices already in place. These include the installation of a heat pump, installation of power factor correction, contact sensors in the windows of the rooms to automatically switch off the heating when they are opened and the longstanding presence of a central control panel at reception to control the heating in the rooms according to whether or not they are occupied.

Constantly aspiring to be innovative and modern, the hotel wanted to make the most out of the STEEEP programme. The main goals were to put in place a long-term energy consumption monitoring system and to gain advice about the implementation of new energy efficient actions, such as installing thermal insulation in the main building, reducing heat loss in the electric heating and hot water systems and changing to LED light bulbs.

Thanks to the combination of these efforts, the hotel could reduce its total energy consumption by 14% between 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 (from 846 496 kWh to 725 730 kWh) whilst registering a significant increase in turnover. The percentage of energy costs of the turnover were therefore reduced from 4.95% to 4.09% (generally ranging from 4% to 8%) in this period, placing the hotel amongst the most efficient mountain hotels.

Supported by CCI Haute Savoie.

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