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Many steps make a mile

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20 % savings

Automoción L’Eliana sells and repairs vehicles. When the management decid- ed to participate in the STEEEP project, this micro enterprise had just a vague idea of its energy consumption, as it had never been assessed in detail.

The company’s energy audit revealed several issues likely to be subject to energy efficiency measures. On this basis, it was recommended to:

  • Optimise the energy contracts,
  • Repair, periodically review and prevent compressed air system leakages,
  • Reduce air-conditioning, change the related equipment if possible and move the cooling units outside the warehouse,
  • Improve the building’s insulation and install automatic door closers,
  • Perform certain energy consuming activities at night, such as the charging of batteries,
  • Install a capacitor bank,
  • Replace conventional lighting.

Automoción L’Eliana understood the positive impact of these actions on its production costs. It accepted the energy challenge by investing in new roof insulation, a new air conditioning system, a new lighting system and by repairing several leaks in the compressed air system.

Each measure had a significant beneficial impact on the overall consumption. The company estimates annual savings of 9% per year as a result.

For the commercial activities of the company, a good product presentation in the showroom is essential. Particularly, an appropriate lighting is key to creating a comfortable atmosphere for the customers. Before participating in the STEEEP action, the company’s lighting system was obsolete. Not only did it consume a lot of energy, but it also provided insufficient lighting and even emitted some noise. Because of the change of the lighting system to LED, the presentation of the vehicles exhibited inside and outside the showroom improved considerably.

After participating in STEEEP, Automoción L’Eliana is convinced that it has significantly improved its image, its competitiveness and, of no less importance, its environmental footprint.

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Contact details

  • Sector: Wholesale retail trade
  • Country: SPAIN
  • Email: vnavarro@red.renault.es
  • Website: www.renaultlaeliana.net/es