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Energy efficient optimisation of office building’s glass facade

14 story AEPartner final
6 % savings

" It is pleasure to work in the glazed office with the feeling that there is more space than there is in reality, therefore several minor economic disadvantages do not play a significant role, while our staff can work without any kind of discomfort. "


Quality, Health & Safety and Environment executive

The company decided to participate in the STEEEP project to reduce and minimise the use of natural resources in all its activities by constantly improving the management of the working environment in all areas. In addition, AE Partner wanted to promote energy efficiency through the implementation of quality control measures. Participation in the STEEEP project allowed the management to increase the staff’s knowledge of different energy efficiency measures and the potential for improving the company’s energy efficiency.

Two energy efficiency measures were implemented. Firstly, the installation of solar reflective control film on the windows in the main office building, and secondly the reduction of the operating pressure of the compressed air system. The main energy efficient action was implemented in the office building. One side of the building which is glazed and is the most sunlit was covered both inside and outside with a special solar control film with specific heat mirror properties. Low-emission materials such as silver and gold used in the production of this film allow the solar heat energy to be reflected out of the building. During both summer and winter there is now a better climate in the office which means staff reduced need for additional cooling or heating. 

Secondly, the company modified the compressed air system in the production process by reducing its pressure to the lowest necessary level. The pressure reduction of 0.5 bar reduced the power consumption by about 3.5%. The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supported the work in a training and consulting role.

Supported by Chamber of Commerce of Latvia

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  • Company: AE PARTNER
  • Sector: Production of electric control panels
  • Country: LATVIA